The Killer Gentoo Penguins (KGP) are an organisation of penguins found on the Iceberg featured in the Cold War. Its goal is to destroy all humans and take over Gielinor. The true name of the organisation has never been spoken by an NPC, and has only been inferred from examining a KGP agent, which reads "A killer gentoo penguin".

Notable members

Major settlements


  • The KGP is based on the KGB (Russian: КГБ or Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti translated The Committee of Government Safety), the national security agency of the former USSR.
  • The Gentoo penguin is a type of penguin species recognised by the "wide white stripe extending like a bonnet across the top of its head". The KGP are most likely based on this species of penguin.
  • During the The General's Shadow, after the player mentions to Sin Seer that they need help "joining a bad guys group", she will guess the penguins among a few other groups of notoriously bad people.
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