Kaleb Paramaya chathead

Kaleb Paramaya is a man who runs the Paramaya Inn in Shilo Village. Players can buy Paramaya tickets from him for 35 coins or a pack of 5 for 175 coins, if they need a nights rest; granting them access to the dormitory. This is a purely aesthetic feature and has no function, as players cannot actually sleep in the beds there.

He also sells a jug of wine for 1 coin and beer for 2 coins. (You receive two glasses of beer.)

To find Kaleb, leave the Shilo Village bank, head west, over the bridge then east again. He's not in the building with the quest marker, but just northeast of there. He is on the 1st floor[?] of the building, up the ladder.

Alternatively, with 77 Agility and having completed the Karamja Elite tasks, you can use the agility shortcut, and climb the ladder on the building north.


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