Karamja gloves 1 detail

Karamja gloves 1 are the reward for completing all the Easy tasks in the Karamja Diary (you also receive a lamp that gives 1000 experience to a skill of your choice). According to Pirate Jackie the Fruit - when worn, the gloves can lower the cost of items in the various stores of Karamja. If a player chooses to destroy the gloves, the gloves can be obtained again by Pirate Jackie the Fruit in the Brimhaven Agility Arena. Alternatively, players can purchase one from Perdu for 200 coins should they lose it.


  • Lowers boat trip costs from Port Sarim - Musa Point and Ardougne - Brimhaven from 30 coins to 15.
  • Lowers the price of items in Gabooty's store in Tai Bwo Wannai by 16.66% at default stock and lowers the price of raw karambwan at Tiadeche's stall. NOTE: Must have completed the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest to have access to Tiadeche's karambwan stall.
  • Lowers the buy price and raises the sell price at Davon's amulet store.
  • Lowers the tokkul cost of all items in Mor Ul Rek and increases the sale price of all items to shop significantly

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