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This article is about Barrows brother Karil the Tainted. For his armour set, see Karil the Tainted's equipment.

Karil the Tainted is the fourth oldest of the Barrows brothers. Karil's crypt is located to the south of the Barrows area. He uses ranged equipment, which make him vulnerable to Melee attacks. Also unlike a player using his equipment, he is also fairly weak to Magic attacks. Karil's set effect is Tainted Shot, which gives him a 25% chance per successful hit to lower the player's Agility by 20%.

His set effect does not pose a threat in combat however his attacks are very accurate even on players with high defensive bonuses, so players may find it difficult navigating to the chest later with a lower Agility level (and as a result, less energy). As such, it is strongly recommended to activate Protect from Ranged - note that this does not prevent his set effect from activating. The use of a super restore potion may be worth using after the fight if the player's Agility stat has been drained significantly.

Karil's weakness is melee (in particular stab and slash) so the use of an abyssal whip, godsword or Zamorakian hasta is advised. He does have a moderate amount of melee defence, so players may prefer to use Magic instead - trident of the swamp/seas, Iban Blast or Magic Dart are common.


  • Karil's unconventional weakness to Magic is because he has a low Magic level. He has the same Magic defence bonus as his armour when worn by players (+106), but since monster Magic resistance is determined by Magic level, as well as magic defence bonus, it results in him being fairly weak to Magic overall.