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Kebabs are a camel meat delicacy which can be purchased in Al Kharid and East Keldagrim for 1 coin each, or at Pollnivneach for 3 coins each. The Drunken Dwarf random event may also grant the player a free kebab and beer.

Kebabs cannot be made through the Cooking skill.

Unlike normal food which restores a fixed amount of Hitpoints, kebabs have varied healing quantities when consumed. A player with 90–99 Hitpoints can expect to be healed 11 health on average, and each 10 levels of Hitpoints lower will heal about 1 less.

Possible outcomes

  • 66% chance to heal 10% of total Hitpoints level, rounded down. Accompanied with the message "It heals some health."
  • 21% chance to heal 10–20 Hitpoints. Accompanied with the message "That was a good kebab. You feel a lot better."
  • 9% chance to heal nothing. Accompanied with the message "That kebab didn't seem to do a lot."
    • In addition, there is a chance that a non-combat skill is lowered by 3 (with the message "That tasted a bit dodgy. You feel a bit ill."), or that melee skills are lowered by 3 (with the message "That tasted very dodgy. You feel very ill.").
  • 4% chance to heal 30 Hitpoints and gain 1–3 levels in Attack, Strength and Defence. Accompanied with the message "Wow, that was an amazing kebab! You feel really invigorated."


  • Ali the Camel Man in Pollnivneach reveals about his discount camel store that "They're not just a source of kebab meat you know!" It is implied here that kebabs are made using camel meat.
  • When using the "Talk-to Camel", the player character can quote "Mmm... looks like that camel would make a nice kebab.".
  • Eating kebabs is the only method of temporarily boosting one's attack level in a free-to-play server (albeit very rarely).
  • Kebabs originally had a chance of dealing damage to the player's hitpoints as an adverse effect, however this feature was removed to prevent players from being killed inadvertently.
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