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A keg of beer is a large barrel of beer which can be drunk. Upon drinking it, the chatbox states, "You chug the keg. You feel reinvigorated... ...but extremely drunk, too." while the player character raises the keg above their head and chugs the entire barrel. This also causes the perspective of the player's screen to swing back and forth for a minute, as if their character is drunk. This can be stopped by teleporting.

The beer restores 15 Hitpoints, temporarily increases Strength by 10 levels while temporarily decreasing Attack by up to 65 levels depending on the user's current level. Drinking a keg of beer is generally inadvisable during melee combat, as it markedly reduces the user's accuracy. However, this can be offset by using restore potions while retaining the keg's substantial strength boost.

A player drinking a Keg of Beer.

Kegs of beer are dropped by Dagannoths, Level 48 Black Guards in Keldagrim, and Market guards in Rellekka. It can be bought in the Rellekka Longhall for 325 coins, provided that the player has completed The Fremennik Trials quest. It can also be bought from the merchant, Rasolo, who is north of Ardougne near Baxtorian Falls.

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Black Guard 25; 48 1 3; Uncommon
Black Guard Berserker 66 1 3; Uncommon
Dagannoth 88; 90 1 3; Uncommon
Warrior (Rellekka) 48 1 4; Rare


  • Beer kegs are also one of the few edible items that have a unique consumption animation. Unlike most drinks, when a player drinks a beer keg they can be seen tipping the barrel back with both hands.
  • When the player attempts to drink a keg of beer whilst on the Fishing Trawler, they will receive a message saying "With my sea sickness? You must be joking!"
  • Drinking the keg will penalise a boosted Attack level by a greater amount. Conversely, the number of lost attack levels decreases when drinking multiple kegs in quick succession.
  • The keg of beer provides better strength boost than a super strength potion until level 34, but it's better to use a strength potion because kegs lower attack.
  • If a player attempts to drink another keg of beer in under a minute, they will say to themselves "Not another one! Not so soon!"