Kelda hops are used in the quest Forgettable Tale.... They are grown by planting Kelda seeds in in the farming patch in Keldagrim, and are used to make Kelda stout. These are not tradeable.

You must talk to each of four dwarves in RuneScape, who will each give you one Kelda seed for a price, usually a drink or a random item. Once you have all of these seeds, you must then go to the farming patch to the west of the Consortium. Plant them to get the hops, which then must be brewed by the local brewer.

Once you have planted the seeds, just wait until 'Harvest Hops' appears. You do not need to tend to the hops for the 20 minutes it takes to grow.

Harvesting Kelda hops yields 10 experience.

If during the quest you lose your hops but have not planted them yet, go back to the drunken dwarf and he will give you the required amount.

Stage Description Image
Kelda hops
1 The Kelda hop seeds have only just been planted. Kelda hops stage 1
2 The Kelda hops plant grows a little bit taller. Kelda hops stage 2
3 The Kelda hops plant grows a bit taller. Kelda hops stage 3
4 The Kelda hops plant grows a bit taller. Kelda hops stage 4
5 The Kelda hops plant is ready to harvest. Kelda hops stage 5

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