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Keys of various colours are used to unlock doors and progress further in Melzar's Maze during the Dragon Slayer quest. They are obtained by killing the creatures in the maze in order to unlock doors of the corresponding colour. Players must obtain each of the different coloured keys to retrieve the map piece located at the end of the maze needed to complete the quest. Once used, the keys will disintegrate. Entry into Melzar's Maze requires a maze key, obtained from the Guildmaster in the Champions' Guild.

Dropping monsters

There is always one specific trait of a monster that drops its respective key. For example, the small zombie rat with the long tail will always drop the red key; it respawns southeast of the red door north of all other doors. The orange key is always dropped by the ghost wearing a hood with no cape, which always respawns west end of the room, just north of the orange door you go in. The yellow key is always dropped by the skeleton with the round shield. Only the zombie needs to be identified via the respawn point (to get the blue key) since both are exactly the same with no way to look at them to find the correct dropping monster. Also, all of the dropping monsters respawn within one "square" of the same spot.

Because of this respawn trait, if there is already someone fighting a monster for the key, you need to wait at its respawn point to attack as soon as it respawns.

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Zombie rat 3 1 6; Random
Ghost 19 1 6; Random
Skeleton 22 1 6; Random
Zombie 24 1 6; Random
Melzar the Mad 43 1 1; Always
Lesser demon 82 1 1; Always