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{{Infobox spell
|name = Kharyrll Teleport
|image = [[File:Kharyrll Teleport icon.png]]
|members = Yes
|level = 66
|cost = 2 [[Law rune|Laws]]<br> 1 [[Blood rune|Blood]]<br>
|spellbook = Ancient
|exp = 76
'''Kharyrll Teleport''' requires a magic level of 66 and teleports the caster to [[Canifis]], near the bank, which is the modern location of what was once known as Kharyrll.
As with all [[Ancient Magicks]] spells, the quest [[Desert Treasure]] must be completed to cast this spell.
If you have 50 [[Construction]], a [[Portal Chamber]] room may be created and a Kharyrll portal to modern day [[Canifis]] may be assigned. When casting Kharyrll teleport, your spellbook must be set to [[Ancient Magicks]], however when creating a Kharyrll portal in a [[Portal Chamber]] room, your spellbook doesn't ''have'' to be set to [[Ancient Magicks]].
The required runes for the Portal Chamber are 200 Law runes and 100 Blood runes.
''Remember, you cannot use [[Lunar Spells]] or [[Standard spells]] if you are using [[Ancient Magicks]].''

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