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Kineer is an NPC wandering around the Dragon's Den section of the Catacombs of Kourend, in a passageway between the Hellhounds and Brutal blue dragons.


  • Kineer: It was the bewk that told me ta come here.
  • Player: What book?
  • Kineer: Circles within trees it is. And hopping too.
  • Player: Are you ok?
  • Kineer: I'll find the light, that will see me through.
  • Player: Oookay then, I'll just go explore then.
  • Kineer: Jelly shards in the dark.


  • Kineer's name and dialogue are a reference to Mod Kieren, a Jagex Moderator who is made fun of for pronouncing the word "book" as "bewk".
  • "Kineer" is also an anagram for "Kieren".

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