Frog prince chathead
Kiss the frog

A player kisses the frog.

Frogs are a random event. The player must kiss the frog wearing the crown, who is really a prince/princess (always the opposite of your character's gender), in order to restore him/her to his/her true form. The newly transformed prince/princess will give you a frog token for helping him/her, and this may be redeemed at the Varrock clothes shop to get a frog mask, or a prince/princess outfit.

Prior to random events being optional, ignoring him/her caused the player to be turned into a frog, and then sent to Frogland, where players must ask for forgiveness from the frog prince/princess. As a frog, a player only has 4 buttons available: Friend and Ignore list, Log out screen and music selection.


The area in which players were teleported if they ignored or refused to participate in the event.

Because random events became optional, it is no longer possible to access the area where the event teleports players to if ignored. However, it can still be seen south of the law altar by using an oculus orb.


This is the overhead dialogue for the frogs, and will be said as the player ignores them. Shortly after they say the final sentence, the player will become a frog.

  • Hello, <player>
  • <Player>, the frog prince/princess desires your attention!
  • If you kiss him/her, <player>, he/she will turn into a human!
  • But if you ignore him/her, <player>, we will turn you into a frog!
  • That's IT, <player> you're a frog!

To return to where you met the frog prince/princess, you need to find them and apologise to them.


  • This is the only random event in which a player used to get a reward (access to the Frogland music track) for ignoring the random event. The song is now unlocked automatically, and ignoring the random event simply dismisses it with no effect.

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