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Kitchen built

A player in a fully built kitchen.

The Kitchen in a Player-owned house is a room that a player can build at level 5 Construction and has a cost of 5000 coins. Kitchens have two, non-parallel door spaces making it a good corner room.

In the Kitchen, players have their own water supply, a fire to cook their food, and a larder where players can get their cooking materials.

As shown, there are 8 Hotspots available:

  • Barrel
  • Table
  • Stove
  • Larder
  • Shelf
  • Sink
  • Cat Basket
  • Exits


Beer barrelBeer barrel icon7 (plus 5 Cooking)3 Planks, 3 nails87
Cider barrelCider barrel icon12 (plus 14 Cooking)3 Planks, 3 nails, 8 glasses of cider91
Asgarnian Ale barrelAsgarnian ale (barrel) icon18 (plus 24 Cooking)3 Oak planks, 8 glasses of Asgarnian Ale184
Greenman's Ale barrelGreenman's ale (barrel) icon26 (plus 29 Cooking)3 Oak planks, 8 glasses of Greenman's Ale184
Dragon Bitter barrelDragon bitter (barrel) icon36 (plus 39 Cooking)3 Oak planks, 8 glasses of Dragon Bitter,
2 steel bars
Chef's Delight barrelChef's delight (barrel) icon48 (plus 44 Cooking)3 Oak planks, 8 glasses of Chef's Delight,
2 steel bars


Kitchen tableKitchen table icon123 Planks, 3 nails87
Oak kitchen tableOak kitchen table icon323 Oak planks180
Teak kitchen tableTeak kitchen table icon523 Teak planks270


FirepitFirepit icon51 Steel bar, 2 pieces of soft clay40
Firepit with hookFirepit with hook icon112 Steel bars, 2 pieces of soft clay60
Firepit with potFirepit with pot icon173 Steel bars, 2 pieces of soft clay80
Small ovenSmall oven icon244 Steel bars80
Large ovenLarge oven icon295 Steel bars100
Steel rangeSteel range icon346 Steel bars120
Fancy rangeFancy range icon428 Steel bars160


Wooden larderWooden larder icon98 Planks, 8 nails228
Oak larderOak larder icon338 Oak planks480
Teak larderTeak larder icon438 Teak planks, 2 Bolts of cloth750


Shelves are important because the type of shelf determines the type of tea cup you can access and the strength of Cup of tea (Player-owned house) which boosts your Construction level.

Wooden shelves 1Wooden shelves 1 icon63 Planks, 3 nails87
Wooden shelves 2Wooden shelves 2 icon123 Planks, 3 nails,
6 pieces of soft clay
Wooden shelves 3Wooden shelves 3 icon233 Planks, 3 nails,
6 pieces of soft clay
Oak shelves 1Oak shelves 1 icon343 Oak planks,
6 pieces of soft clay
Oak shelves 2Oak shelves 2 icon453 Oak planks,
6 pieces of soft clay
Teak shelves 1Teak shelves 1 icon563 Teak planks,
6 pieces of soft clay
Teak shelves 2Teak shelves 2 icon673 Teak planks, 2 gold leaves,
6 pieces of soft clay


Pump and drainPump and drain icon75 Steel bars100
Pump and tubPump and tub icon2710 Steel bars200
SinkSink icon4715 Steel bars300


Cat blanketCat blanket icon51 Bolts of cloth15
Cat basketCat basket icon192 Planks, 2 nails58
Cushioned basketCushioned basket icon332 Planks, 2 nails, 2 pieces of wool58

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