Kitchen weaponry are weapons that can be bought from the Culinaromancer's Chest. To buy and wield more advanced kitchen weapons the player must complete the Recipe for Disaster subquests. All the weapons have the same or almost the same stats as the metal melee weapons. There are not any that have the same stats as any of the Dragon weapons.

The weapons

Image Kitchen weapons Same stat weapon Must have completed:
Wooden spoon Wooden spoon Bronze longsword One subquest
Egg whisk Egg whisk Iron dagger One subquest to buy, two to wield
Spork Spork Steel sword Two subquests to buy, three to wield
Spatula Spatula Black two-handed sword Three subquests
Frying pan Frying pan Mithril warhammer Four subquests
Skewer Skewer Adamant longsword Five subquests to buy, six to wield
Rolling pin Rolling pin Rune mace Six subquests
Kitchen knife Kitchen knife Rune dagger Seven subquests
Meat tenderiser Meat tenderiser Rune warhammer Eight subquests to buy, final battle to wield
Cleaver Cleaver Rune scimitar Final battle

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