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Knight of Varlamore is a knight located on the 1st floor[?] of the Kourend Castle.

If asked about himself, he will state he is from "the shining kingdom of Varlamore", and that he travelled to Great Kourend for a mission. However, he will not tell the player further about his intentions. According to him, the Kingdom of Varlamore is located to the south-west, beyond Mount Quidamortem.


  • Knight of Varlamore: Ah, Hello!
  • Player: Hello to you too!
  • Player: Tell me about yourself.
    • Knight of Varlamore: I'm a knight of the shining kingdom of Varlamore, I venture to Kourend on a mission, one I can say very little of.
    • Player: How come?
    • Knight of Varlamore: For now, you must accept my secrecy adventurer, for who knows what the future holds.
  • Player: Where's the Kingdom of Varlamore?
    • Knight of Varlamore: To the south-west, beyond Mount Quidamortem... A glorious land where the sun forever shines.
    • Player: Sounds wonderful!
  • Player: I have to go.
    • Knight of Varlamore: Stay vigilant, friend.


  • His appearance and some of his dialog is a reference to the character Solaire of Astora from the Dark Souls video game series.
  • Upon release, the Knight had a combat level of 1 (though he is unattackable). This was removed in an update on 19 April 2018.