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Kodai insignia detail.png

The Kodai insignia is obtained as a possible reward from the Chambers of Xeric. It has an Inspect option which will result in the chat box stating You sense a dark magic emanating from the insignia. It looks like this could be attached to a wand. It is used on a master wand to create the kodai wand, which requires 75 Magic to wield.

When creating the wand, there will be a warning message stating that the process cannot be reverted. If confirmed, the chatbox will then state Power shoots down the length of the wand, empowering it with the darkness of Xeric's Kodai wizards.


  • The Kodai insignia was meant to be the drop from the Chambers of Xeric, instead of the completed Kodai wand. This was an oversight, and was fixed a week after the Chambers' release.