Kourend Woodland map
Location on World Map
Shayzien House
Unknown Piscatoris Woodland Woodcutting Guild
Land's End

The Kourend Woodland is an area found in the southern coast of Great Kourend. It contains chinchompas to the west, Ruby harvests in the centre, and copper longtails to the east.

In the area where ruby harvests are found, three NPCs, Reginald, Roy jr. and a duck, are camping. In addition, in the north-western area, there is a mysterious staircase that cannot be climbed on.

There is also a small barbarian settlement in the eastern area (directly south of the Woodcutting Guild), along with three magic trees and four yew trees nearby.

In the southernmost side, a small settlement named Land's End is found.



  • The set of staircases in the middle of the Woodlands are a reference to the stories told by a US Forest Service Search and Rescue Officer in the subreddit /r/nosleep. In particular, the story tells of mysterious staircases that are said to appear despite the out-of-place setting of the forest, and climbing them results in disastrous consequences, such as a blood vessel in the brain exploding, or a hand getting sliced off.

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