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Krandorian seed detail.png

Krandorian seeds may be used by a player with level 21 Farming to grow Krandorian hops. To do this a player must plant four seeds in one of the hops patches located around RuneScape. When planted, Krandorian seeds yield 17.5 Farming experience. A farmer will watch over the seedlings for 3 sacks of cabbages.

It is possible that the plant is native to Crandor as the names are similar (Krandor, Crandor).

Farming info

Krandorian seed
Farming level 21
Patch Hops
Seeds per 4 seeds
Payment 3 sacks of cabbages
Time 70 min (7x10 min)
Crop Krandorian hops
Planting 17.5
Harvesting 19.5