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Kwuarm detail.png

Kwuarm is a medium level herb requiring 54 Herblore to clean. It can be grown from kwuarm seeds at a herb patch at level 56 Farming and is used in the making of weapon poison and the popular super strength potion.

Because of its use in super strength potions, which are highly regarded among players due to the ability to boost their maximum hit, Kwuarm is considered even more valuable than the higher level cadantine which is only used in super defence potions.

As shown during the Ratcatchers quest, Kwuarm is one of the ingredients for rat poison, though players cannot make it themselves.


Potion/item Herblore icon.png Level Second
Herblore XP Effect/usage
Super strength(3).png Super strength 55 Limpwurt root 125 Boosts Strength by 15% + 5
Weapon poison.png Weapon poison 60 Dragon scale dust 137.5 Adds poison to some weapons