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Lady Keli Raven is a bandit leader and the main antagonist in the Prince Ali Rescue quest. She is found in the jail area (usually inside the jail proper but sometimes within the jail's compound) in Draynor Village.

Lady Keli kidnapped Prince Ali and had plotted to ransom for the prince's release. Keli is vain and arrogant - she likes showing off and being praised, and claims to have killed three men before she was six (there is no evidence to support this claim apart for her word). The player exploits these traits to outwit her - tricking her into showing the key to Prince Ali's cell, which allows the player to get a clay imprint and make a bronze copy of the key. The player incapacitates her head guard, Joe, before tying Keli up with a rope, locking her in a closet and freeing Prince Ali.

Once the player has completed the quest, speaking to her will result in being attacked by one of her jail guards.


  • When the quest was released, the chain on Lady Keli's neck (holding the key to Prince Ali's cell) was made out of the strongest metal available at the time, adamantite. In the upgrade from RuneScape Classic to RuneScape the chain's material was changed to runite to reflect runite's quality as a stronger metal.
  • It was hinted before the quest that her sister is Katrine (the leader of the Black Arm Gang in Varrock). This would make her full name Keli Raven.
  • Once finished with the quest (Prince Ali Rescue) if spoken to, she will demand the guards to kill you. She will say: "You, you're the one who tricked me and tied me up! Guards - Kill this stranger!" and the guards say: "Yes, M'Lady".
  • Before completing Prince Ali Rescue, she says she may hire you when you are stronger, but she will never hire you.