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Lan the Butcher is a butcher who lives in Land's End, a small remote woodland in the southern tip of Great Kourend. Also appears to be wearing Glarial's amulet.


  • Lan the Butcher: What d'ya want?
  • Player: Just exploring the far reaches of this wonderful land.
  • Lan the Butcher: Why?
  • Player: For gold! For glory!
  • Lan the Butcher: You got gold?
  • Player: Maybe a little...
  • Lan the Butcher: Well, I'm a butcher, I'll be 'appy to perhaps trade you, that I would.
  • Player: I don't see any product around here...
  • Lan the Butcher: Heh, o' course not. I keep it down in the basement, that I do.
  • Player: What basement?
  • Lan the Butcher: ...
  • Player: ...
  • Lan the Butcher: ...
  • Player: I think I'll be leaving now.
  • Lan the Butcher: Heh heh heh, that you should.