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This article is about the maze itself. For the dungeon, see Lava Maze Dungeon.

A player in the Lava Maze.

Lava Maze map.png
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Mage Arena
Frozen Waste Plateau Lava Maze Lava Dragon Isle
Bone Yard

Navigating the Lava Maze.

The Lava Maze is a maze located deep in the Wilderness, around level 40-45. In the entrance and partway through the maze, there are spiderwebs that must be cut with a slash weapon or a knife. It is possible for players to get trapped inside the maze if they do not have a slash weapon to cut spider webs.

Upon completing the hard Wilderness Diary, an agility shortcut on the north side of the maze allows you to go to the center of the maze with 82 agility.

Some items and coins spawn throughout the maze. A gold necklace and steel platebody spawn at the centre near the muddy chest. A muddy key is required to open the chest, which contains a fair amount of treasure; looting the chest will earn the player a mithril bar, a mithril dagger, 2 law runes, 2 death runes, 10 chaos runes, an uncut ruby and an anchovy pizza. There is also a single Fishing spot where players can catch lava eel.

Outside the maze to the north are two runite rocks. To the west is a metal fenced area containing more lesser demons and one of the entrances to the Lava Maze Dungeon. This entrance is the one players use to reach the King Black Dragon Lair. To the south is the Hobgoblin Mine.

Beware of the monsters as they can be very dangerous when adventuring throughout the Lava Maze; bring decent armour and food if you wish to survive.

Getting there

Using a Burning amulet's Lava Maze teleport is the fastest method, and will teleport you directly to the maze. Another method is to use the Wilderness Obelisks, which provides a fairly fast way to the maze as well. Players can ride a canoe to the Wilderness canoe landing, arriving near a Wilderness Obelisk.

Items and coin spawns