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{{Otheruses|the maze itself|the dungeon|Lava Maze Dungeon}}
[[File:Lava_Maze.png|thumb|left|250px|A player in the Lava Maze.]]
|location = Lava Maze
|north = Mage Arena
|west = Frozen Waste Plateau
|south = Bone Yard
|east = Lava Dragon Isle
|image = [[File:Lava Maze map.png|200px]]}}
[[File:Lava_Maze_nav.png|thumb|300px|right|Navigating the Lava Maze.]]
The '''Lava Maze''' is a maze located deep in the [[Wilderness]], around level 40-45. In the entrance and partway through the maze, there are spiderwebs that must be cut with a [[slash weapon]] or a [[knife]]. It is possible for players to get trapped inside the maze if they do not have a slash weapon to cut spider webs.
Upon completing the hard [[Wilderness Diary]], an agility shortcut on the north side of the maze allows you to go to the center of the maze with 82 agility.
Some [[items]] and [[coins]] spawn throughout the maze. A [[gold necklace]] and [[steel platebody]] spawn at the centre near the [[muddy chest]]. A [[muddy key]] is required to open the chest, which contains a fair amount of treasure; looting the chest will earn the player a [[mithril bar]], a [[mithril dagger]], 2 [[law rune]]s, 2 [[death rune]]s, 10 [[chaos rune]]s, an [[uncut ruby]] and an [[anchovy pizza]]. There is also a single [[Fishing]] spot where players can catch [[lava eel]].
Outside the maze to the north are two [[runite rock]]s. To the west is a metal fenced area containing more [[lesser demon]]s and one of the entrances to the [[Lava Maze Dungeon]]. This entrance is the one players use to reach the [[King Black Dragon Lair]]. To the south is the [[Bandit camp mining site|Hobgoblin Mine]].
Beware of the monsters as they can be very dangerous when adventuring throughout the Lava Maze; bring decent [[armour]] and [[food]] if you wish to survive.
== Getting there ==
Using a {{PreloadPage}}[[Burning amulet]]'s Lava Maze teleport is the fastest method, and will teleport you directly to the maze. Another method is to use the [[Wilderness Obelisk]]s, which provides a fairly fast way to the maze as well. Players can ride a [[canoe]] to the [[Wilderness]] canoe landing, arriving near a Wilderness Obelisk.
==Items and coin spawns==
*15 [[body rune]]s
*[[Steel platebody]] (Spawn rate is approximately 15 minutes.)
*[[Gold necklace]]
*[[Coins]] (20-25)
*[[Staff of earth]]
*[[Iron full helm]]
*[[Hill Giant]]s
*[[King Scorpion]]s
*[[Black Knight]]s
*[[Lesser demon]]s
*[[Black dragon]]s

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