The Legends' Guild mining site, also called the East Ardougne Mine, is located just south-west of the Legends' Guild and east of Ardougne's east entrance. Both places have a bank that can used for depositing ores. It is one of the six mines in RuneScape that contains three iron rocks close together, with the other five being the Piscatoris mine, Al Kharid mine, Lovakengj mine, Wilderness Resource Area, and Mining Guild, where three iron rocks can be mined without moving, thus ideal for power levelling. It can be accessed using Fairy ring code BLR and then walking south and slightly west.

This site contains many coal rocks, and some players may find it more useful than the Mining Guild as it is less crowded and is closer to a bank. Players can bank their ores at Ardougne, the Legends' Guild (requires completion of the Legends' Quest), or Zanaris (requires completion of Lost City and partial completion of Fairytale II), which can be accessed by the fairy ring near the Legends' Guild.

The mine is often used to mine iron ore and coal to make steel bars at any good furnace.

There are also several grizzly bears wandering around the mining site, which can be dangerous to players with a Combat level under 43.

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