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A lemon is a food item that heals 2 hitpoints when eaten. It is generally used as an ingredient in gnome cooking, in cocktails such as the fruit blast, pineapple punch, the wizard blizzard, and the blurberry special. Players can use a knife to cut the lemon into lemon chunks or lemon slices, which are also used in making cocktails.

Lemons cannot be produced through the Farming skill. However, they can be used to make regular compost.

Players can buy lemons from Heckel Funch (20 in stock) and Hudo (10 in stock, closer to bank) in the Grand Tree for 2 coins a piece. These gradually replenish once players buy them. They can also be looted from the gnomes throughout the stronghold.

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Gnome guard 23 1 2; Common
Terrorbird 28 1 2; Common
Gnome 1 1 2; Common
Gnome woman 1 1 2; Common
Mounted terrorbird gnome 31; 36; 49 1 2; Common