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A letter is obtained from Rind the gardener in Keldagrim during the Forgettable Tale... quest. While the player is growing Kelda hops, the player can talk to Rind about the activities one can do while waiting for the hops to grow. Rind will ask the player to deliver a letter to Elstan south of Falador, offering seeds for the completion of the task.

Elstan can be easily found by using the Explorer's ring 2 and above to teleport to the cabbage patch and walking north to the farming patch. He will comment on the letter as "most enlightening". After the player returns to Rind, they will be rewarded with 2 marrentill seeds.


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Dear Elstan,

I have followed with enthusiasm your recent series of papers on the subject of cross-pollinating flowers in the B-branch of the alpha sub-family of the specialist flowers. Especially your last presentation at the Annual Asgarnia Gardening Conference was impressive and inspirational, even if other attendants didn't show much interest. They must not share our vision.

After returning to my home, I started with some experiments of my own and have found that certain combintions of cross-polination leads to triple herbicide resistance in cabbages. Practical applications of this discovery seem unlikely, but the theoretical implications are astounding! I'm looking foreward to publishing my results at the next conference. Perhaps it can be hosted in Keldagrim next time? Although I'm not sure how the underground setting would go down with the other farmers.

Kind Regards,

Rind, Gardener of the Palace of Keldagrim.

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