This article is about the NPC found in Canifis. For the NPC found on Tutorial Island, see Master chef.
Lev chathead

Lev is a non-player character who can be found wandering about the middle of Canifis. Like many NPCs in Canifis, he will turn into a werewolf when attacked, unless the player is wielding a Wolfbane dagger.

He is normally aggressive when talking, but wearing a Ring of Charos causes him to be friendlier.

Attacking him will cause his combat level to increase dramatically, much higher than it is when he is a human. Players whose combat level is around 75 or higher, and who are equipped with good armour, a weapon and some food should stand a good chance of beating him in his werewolf form. He cannot be killed as part of a werewolf slayer assignment in his human form.

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