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The list is a quest item given to the player by Queen Ellamaria at the start of the Garden of Tranquility quest. It contains a list of flowers the plants that the player must grow in her garden behind Varrock Palace.

To grow all of the plants the player must obtain the following seeds:

The seeds are given to the player by various NPCs for performing tasks during the quest. See the main Garden of Tranquility walkthrough for complete instructions on each task.


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Items I need to get for King Roald's garden:
Delphiniums (see Elstan near Falador)
Pink orchids (see Lyra near Port Phasmatys)
Yellow orchids (see Lyra near Port Phasmatys)
Snowdrops (see Kragen near Ardougne)
Burthorpe vine (see Bernald in Burthorpe)
White rosebush (go to Edgeville Monastery)
Pink rosebush (go to Edgeville monastery)
Red rosebush (go to Edgeville monastery)
A White Tree (see Cantaera in Catherby).
A statue of Saradomin from Falador.
A statue of a king from outside Lumbridge Castle.

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