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A lit torch is a torch that is lit by a tinderbox and can only be made by members. It is one of the weaker light sources, which will let players see in dark caves and can be put out to produce the unlit torch. Only the unlit version of torches are tradeable among players, and at the Grand Exchange.

This can be a dangerous source of light in some places such as the Lumbridge Caves due to the fact that its open flame can ignite the "swamp gases" within the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. If the examine text shows "your torch glows brightly" then this means that the player is standing in an area with swamp gas. If that player does not leave that area immediately, or does not extinguish the flame, then the swamp gas may explode, damaging the player and putting out all light sources in the player's inventory. As of 9 November 2009 a lit torch now has a flame when in your inventory.

Lit torches can be used to smoke traps in the Hunter skill.

Lit torches are also used in the Construction skill, as a lighting option in Dungeons, Oubliettes, and Treasure Rooms in a Player-owned house.


  • Unlike the Unlit torch the Lit torch ground model has less-detailed textures.