Locator orb detail

A Locator orb is an item obtained by giving Ava an inert locator orb during Dragon Slayer II. After some adjustments, she will give you a locator orb to track down the Morytania dragon key piece.

Each use of this orb will reduce a player's health by 10 hitpoints down to a minimum of 1 hitpoint and cannot kill the player, similar to a Dwarven rock cake. Because of this, it can be beneficial to use in combination with the Dharok's armour set. This method can also be used effectively in Nightmare Zone as it does not affect a player's Absorption count.

If lost or manually "Destroyed", the player can speak to Ava about "a key" for another one, even after completing Dragon Slayer II.

Unlike Dwarven rock cake, players may only own one Locator orb at a time as drop-tricking this item is not possible.

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