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Logs are obtained from cutting regular, evergreen, jungle, dying and dead trees. Players can burn these logs using the Firemaking skill. Cutting the logs gives 25 Woodcutting experience, and burning them gives 40 Firemaking experience. These logs have no requirement to be cut or burned.

Members training Construction can bring logs to the Sawmill operator north-east of Varrock to make planks at a cost of 100 each. Alternatively, the Lunar Spell Plank Make can allow players to convert them to planks at a lower cost, but at the expense of runes.

Members can also combine logs with fire lighters to create various colored logs. The table below shows what firelighters can be combined with regular logs. The logs can be burned for 50xp each.

Firelighters Logs
White firelighter White logs
Red firelighter Red logs
Purple firelighter Purple logs
Green firelighter Green logs
Blue firelighter Blue logs

Four normal logs respawn on Lumbridge Castle's roof, in a house in Draynor Village, in the Wizards' Tower, and in a house in Rimmington.

Members can also fletch these logs into bows and arrow shafts. It is currently the only log which can be used with Gnomish firelighters, which are obtained Treasure trail rewards. These firelighters produce fire in one of five predetermined colours: red, blue, green, purple, or white, and also give slightly more Firemaking experience than lighting the logs normally.

Normal logs are also used to travel to Entrana or Taverley using the Balloon Transport System after completing the Enlightened Journey quest. (they are also required during the quest)

Experience from logs

  • Each log gives 25 Woodcutting experience when cut (no Woodcutting requirement needed).
  • Lighting a log gives 40 Firemaking experience (no Firemaking requirement needed).
  • Fletching 15 arrow shafts from a single log gives 5 Fletching experience (no Fletching requirement needed).
  • Making an unstrung shortbow gives 5 Fletching experience and 5 additional experience when adding bow string (Fletching level 5 required).
  • Making an unstrung longbow gives 10 Fletching experience and 10 additional experience when adding bow string (Fletching level 10 required).
  • Making a full crossbow stock gives 6 Fletching experience (Fletching level 9 required).