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Lokar Searunner is a pirate who starts Lunar Diplomacy and will take players to the Pirates' Cove onboard the Lady Zay.


  • The character is a reference to the protagonist of the original Star Wars trilogy, Luke Skywalker, based on his name, hairstyle, and injured hand.
  • Lokar will refuse to take players to Lunar Isle without a Seal of passage, but if the option "I'm just going to Pirate's Cove" is chosen, players can be taken to Lunar Isle by Captain Bentley on the Pirate's Cove instead.
  • At the entrance to Pirate's Cove, if you talk to Lokar, you have the option of saying "I hear you've been charming Pauline Polaris," whether you have heard this or not, or have not even been to Lunar Isle yet.
  • When asking Lokar to go to his ship after beginning Lunar Diplomacy (using the left click option, Talk-to, rather than the right click shortcut, Travel) , the player will answer himself, as if Lokar had asked him whether he wanted to go to the ship.
  • Even if players have finished the Fremennik Trials and have a Fremennik name, if the required skills for Lunar Diplomacy are not met Lokar will call him or her "outlander" and tell them to practise their skills more since they are "blatantly lacking"