Lord Iban is an NPC and the self-proclaimed son of Zamorak. He rules over the Underground Pass and is the primary adversary in the quest of the same name.


Not much is known about Iban's early life, apart from being a noble and enjoying the finer things in life. He joined the Black Knights, and he trained under Lord Daquarius himself. Despite his superior skills in combat, he was surrounded and slain by the White Knights. However, an evil witch found his lifeless corpse and resurrected him. He made his way to the Underground Pass and corrupted it, turning it into a realm of terror.

Underground Pass

During the Underground Pass quest, the player must kill Iban, to free the Pass for travel. To kill him, the player must throw the completed doll of iban into the well in his chamber, whilst being under attack from randomly-moving magical spells.

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