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Lord Iorwerth is the evil leader of the 'dark' Iorwerth Clan of the elves and currently attempting to summon his Dark Lord. He is located inside the Elf Camp in the elven land of Tirannwn. He is involved in the entire Plague City series storyline. Players might also need to see him as part of a Treasure Trail.

He is considered one of the evil elves, with the Iorwerth family having taken over Prifddinas years ago.

It is believed that Lord Iorwerth broke one of the nine seals of the Grand Library, made by Seren the elven goddess. The nine seals were used to protect the vast knowledge kept there from reaching the hands of humans. The library is located underneath the elven city of Prifddinas, which is currently inaccessible. However, the reason for his actions is unknown.

It is revealed during the Regicide quest that Iorwerth is in league with King Lathas, the latter one being tricked by Iorwerth, having convinced King Lathas that he will help him conquer Camelot.

He gives a crystal pendant to you during Regicide so you can prove you are working for him.

Iorwerth is the leader of the Iorwerth Clan, which has established itself as a sworn enemy of King Tyras. Iorwerth is an influential person and obviously has power, as he virtually controls Tirannwn with the help of the Ardougne military.

For those requiring to speak to Lord Iorwerth as part of a Treasure Trail, it is worth noting that the minimum agility required to reach him is 45. This is required to attempt to cross the log just south of his camp. An elf camp teleport would take you directly to him.

Civil War

Lord Iorwerth is also involved in the Civil War of Tirannwn. During the Fourth Age of Gielinor, the elves expanded their kingdom far to the East, over the mountains of Arandar. After many years of establishments they suddenly stopped receiving any news from Prifddinas. Worried about the problem, the current leaders of the Cadarn family decided to send six scouts to check what was going on in Tirannwn. After many months out of the six scouts only one returned with terrible news. The Iorwerth Clan had taken over the city of Prifddinas chasing away all of the other clans. A civil war started in Tirannwn which divided the population into two factions, the Iorwerth Clan and the Rebel Elves.


  • If you speak to Lord Iorwerth wearing full mourner gear, he will say, "What are you doing here? You will ruin everything...Get back to Ardougne now."
  • "Iorwerth" is an anagram for "worthier"; he is referenced in a Treasure Trail riddle that states "There is no 'worthier' lord".
  • His name is likely derived from Iorwerth, a once rather common Welsh name.

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