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Lord Kandur Hosidius is the leader of the Hosidius House. He has two sons, Artur and Pandur Hosidius, and a wife named Elena Hosidius.

During The Depths of Despair quest, players must help him find his son, Artur.


  • Player: Hello.
  • Lord Kandur Hosidius: Hello there.
  • Player: Tell me about yourself.
    • Lord Kandur Hosidius: I am Kandur Hosidius and I am the lord of Hosidius House, the house of farmers and chefs. I live here with my wife, Elena, and my two sons, Artur and Pandur.
    • Lord Kandur Hosidius: My family and I have a peaceful existance here. That's mainly because I care not for the politics of the other houses. I instead devote my time to more meaningful pursuits.
    • Player: Such as?
    • Lord Kandur Hosidius: Ensuring that Kourend is well fed. We may live in gentle times now but who knows how long it will be that way. Sooner or later another war or long winter will hit us. History has proven that.
    • Lord Kandur Hosidius: Anything else I can help you with?
  • Player: Tell me about Hosidius House.
    • Lord Kandur Hosidius: Hosidius House is home to the farmers and chefs of Kourend. We are the main food supplier of the Kingdom and we ensure that her people are fed.
    • Lord Kandur Hosidius: Land wise, Hosidius House is the largest of the five houses. We need the extra space for all our crops.
    • Player: Do the other houses not get annoyed at how much land you have?
    • Lord Kandur Hosidius: Sometimes. They know it is necessary though. There was once a time when each house had the same amount of land. But then the great famine came, and Kourend did not have the food to last through it.
    • Lord Kandur Hosidius: After that, more land was given to Hosidius House. We've been the largest house ever since.
    • Lord Kandur Hosidius: Anything else I can help you with?
  • Player: Tell me about your plans.
    • Lord Kandur Hosidius: Plans? My only plan is to keep providing food to this Kingdom.
    • Player: But what of the Royal Accord of Twill? You must have kept it for a reason.
    • Lord Kandur Hosidius: I did. The Accord has the potential to be a powerful weapon, for words cut deeper than a blade ever can. However, I have no need to use this weapon, not unless the other houses give me reason to.
    • Lord Kandur Hosidius: Anything else I can help you with?
  • Player: Goodbye.
    • Lord Kandur Hosidius: Until next time.