A portrait of Lord Drakan's immediate family,[1] (from left to right) Ranis and Vanescula; Lowerniel himself is not present, although the moon is believed to bear his visage.

Lord Drakan is the vampyre overlord and tyrant of Morytania. He had rebelled against Zaros with Zamorak. He suppossedly now resides in Castle Drakan in the city of Darkmeyer, the capital of Morytania, although he hasn't been seen for centuries. He has made the Vyrewatch of Sanguinesti to collect blood tithes from the people. The Drakan family have been ruling Morytania for centuries. Luckily, Drakan's hordes of vampyres and werewolves can't cross the holy River Salve.


  • Drakan, along with most if not all vampyres, were brought from Vampyrium to Gielinor by Zaros after learning about their culture.
  • Drakan rebelled against Zaros.
  • Drakan forms an army of vampyres and werewolves.
  • Saradominist priests forced the hordes of Drakan and Drakan himself back to Morytania, but Drakan nor any of his minions could come back to the mainland as the River Salve had been blessed.
  • Drakan invades Hallowvale and turns it into Darkmeyer and Meiyerditch, the new capital of Morytania.
  • Drakan forces the humans of Morytania to give blood tithes. He forms the Vyrewatch to keep control.
  • A gust of evil air from Darkmeyer reaches Mort'ton, once a trading town. The air turns the citizens into undead creatures. Shades have also invaded the town.
  • Drakan is thinking of attacking Port Phasmatys, but his hordes can never enter the town as the citizens called for help on the mage Necrovarus. The town was saved from Drakan, but the town died and became a ghost town, stuck in this world forever.
  • Burgh de Rott becomes a bad town to live in now. The citizens are starving, and dying. Even worse is that Vampyres lurk around there, and Gadderanks taking their blood tithes.
  • Count Draynor, the brother of Drakan, leaves Morytania and becomes weakened by the holy river. He resides in Draynor Manor, but a Vampire Slayer has slain Draynor. This has infuriated Drakan.
  • Drakan sends Vanstrom Klause, a member of the Vyrewatch, to destroy the Myreque who are trying to free Morytania. Klause is successful in killing two members, but the rest moved to Burgh de Rott. Klause sent a pair of Vampyre Juvinates to kill Ivan Strom on his way to Paterdomus, but this attack fails.
  • Drakan leaves Gielinor and returns to Vampyrium, capturing the Yarasa King Xarpus, bringing it to Lady Verzik Vitur's Theatre of Blood.


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