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Lorelai can be found at the basement of the Warriors' Guild. If you have more than 100 Warrior guild tokens and a rune defender, she will grant players access to a room filled with level 106 Cyclopes, which have a rare chance to drop the dragon defender. You will be able to re-enter this room without showing a defender after unlocking access to it the first time. Staying in this room costs 10 Warriors Guild tokens for every minute in the room. She will take 10 tokens from you upon first entering the room and you can stay 1 extra minute after you have run out of Warrior Guild Tokens. She wields a katana, and is taking care of a young cyclops named Rory. If a player is wearing an Attack cape then no tokens are needed. You will be able to reenter the room after showing Lorelai a rune defender


  • Lorelai and her young cyclops Rory are references to Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory in the American television programme Gilmore Girls.

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