Instruction manual
This is the quick guide for Lost City.
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Start point Quest point icon Go to Lumbridge Swamp. Talk to the campers there.
Official difficulty Experienced
Description Can you find the legendary lost city of Zanaris?
Length Short
Items required
  • A knife
  • A Woodcutting axe (the axe for Entrana is obtained during the quest, you need to bring your own for the tree at the beginning of the quest)
Enemies to defeat Tree spirit (level 101)


  • Speak to the Warrior north-west of Lumbridge Swamp. (Chat 1112)
  • Go west and click on the tree with the chop option rather than chop-down.
  • Talk to Shamus. (Chat 1)
  • Bank your axe and bring items to make weapons/bows/runes.
  • Make sure to bank all weapons and armour (Ring of dueling for teleporting out is okay).
  • Go to Port Sarim.
  • Find some monks and go to Entrana.
  • Cross to the northeast bridge then continue to the northwest bit of the island and go down the ladder.

Warning, there are 2 Greater Demons (Level 92) in the room before the tree.

  • Kill the zombies until they drop an axe.
  • Go SE past the demons and chop at the tree.
  • Kill the Dramen Tree Spirit (safespot behind the southern fungus formation - note: other fungi patches are NOT safespots).
  • Click on the tree and use a knife on the branch obtained to make a staff.

CAUTION: If you decide to go through the magical door, you will be teleported into level 32 Wilderness.

  • Go back to Lumbridge Swamp.
  • Enter the tool-shed while holding the staff.
  • Quest Complete.

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