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{{External|rs|rsc=Low level alchemy}}
{{Infobox spell
|name = Low Level Alchemy
|image = [[File:Low level alchemy icon.png]]
|level = 21
|cost = {{RuneReq|Nature=1|Fire=3}}
|type = Skilling
|spellbook = Normal
|exp = 31
|damage = N/A
|anim = Low Level Alchemy.gif
'''Low Level Alchemy''' (or ''low alch / low alching'') is a spell that can turn most items into [[coins]] at 40% of the specialty shop sale price, equivalent to [[General Store]] buying prices. This is about 2/3 of the [[high alchemy]] value, which turns items into coins worth 60% of the item's sale price.
This spell requires level 21 [[Magic]] and uses 1 [[Nature rune]] and 3 [[Fire rune]]s to cast, or can be cast for free with any level of the [[Explorer's ring]]. The casting speed of this spell is about half of the speed of High Level Alchemy, but produces less [[experience]] than the High Level Alchemy. Thus, Low Level Alchemy is not recommended for training Magic, nor for profit as the cost of the item and spell is typically far more than the money obtained.
This spell has the same cost as High Level Alchemy when cast with a [[fire staff]] (1 nature rune) and produces less gold, so it becomes almost useless once the player obtains High Level Alchemy.
{{Spell cost table
|Rune1 = fire
|Rune1num = 3
|Rune2 = nature
|Rune2num = 1

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