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Low Level Alchemy (or low alch / low alching) is a spell that can turn most items into coins at the best general store price that they could sell for, normally 2/3 of the high alchemy value. This spell is obtained at level 21 Magic and costs 1 Nature rune and 3 Fire runes to cast. The casting speed of this spell is about half of the speed of High Level Alchemy, but still produces less experience than the High Level Alchemy, and with greater cost, it is not recommended for training Magic. This spell is not recommended for profit as the cost of the item and spell is far more than the money obtained and you can often sell to another player for far more.

Since this spell has the same cost as High Level Alchemy when cast with a fire staff (1 nature rune) and since it produces less gold, most players view it as useless.

However, Low Level Alchemy has one advantage over its higher counterpart: unless a player casts it rapidly enough for it to queue, the spell will not disrupt certain training actions, like woodcutting, fishing, and mining. Thus, a player can simply fish, mine, or woodcut normally while simultaneously alching noted items. Alternatively, a player can speed up their training in those skills by low alching their fish, ores, or logs instead of dropping or banking them.

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