Lumberjack Leif chathead.png

Lumberjack Leif can be found cutting maple logs to the east of the Miscellanian castle and south of the coal mine. He collects maple logs from you whenever you cut them there. You get 0.5% popularity for every maple log you cut there. Lumberjack Leif is one of four residents whom you can assist to gain favour; the other three are Miner Magnus, Gardener Gunnhild, and Fisherman Frodi.


  • His examine reference, "He's a lumberjack, and he's okay.", is a reference to The Lumberjack Song by Monty Python.
  • Both the sound effect that plays and the woodcutting animation when Lumberjack Leif is cutting the tree seems to be much slower than a regular player's.
  • When cutting trees for him, you receive only a fraction of an experience point per tree cut.
  • When you try to cut the same maple tree as him, it says, "Lumberjack Leif is already cutting that down."
  • If you make turn away from his tree, the animation for chopping will still occur, although he isn't chopping anything. This makes it look it he's chopping at the air.

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