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Lumberjack clothing equipped

A player wearing the Lumberjack outfit.

The lumberjack outfit requires 44 Woodcutting to wear and can only be obtained as a drop in pieces from undead lumberjacks during the Temple Trekking and Burgh de Rott Ramble minigames. Undead Lumberjacks come out of the water during the bridge event where you must kill them to get planks to rebuild the bridge. You can only get 1 piece of the lumberjack outfit during the event. If you do not receive a piece during the first wave, wait and keep trying. Wearing the full set gives 2.5% bonus experience to woodcutting, additionally if you use Infernal axe you will also be granted bonus experience to firemaking.

The Lumberjack Outfit's bonus does stack with the bonus 10% xp when cutting maples from the Kandarin Diary medium reward.

As of July 6th 2016, the logic for obtaining the Lumberjack drops during Temple Trekking has been changed. All pieces are now dropped in the reverse order. Previously, Lumberjack boots were most commonly dropped, followed by Lumberjack hats, followed by Lumberjack legs, followed by Lumberjack top. Now they are dropped Lumberjack top, followed by Lumberjack Pants, Followed by Lumberjack hat, followed by lumberjack boots

Item Bonus
Lumberjack hat Lumberjack hat 0.4%
Lumberjack top Lumberjack top 0.8%
Lumberjack legs Lumberjack legs 0.6%
Lumberjack boots Lumberjack boots 0.2%
Sub-total 2%
Set bonus 0.5%
Full set 2.5%


Lumberjack clothing is obtained during the Temple Trekking/Burgh De Rott ramble minigame. One of the events players may encounter during Temple Trekking is an area where there is a broken bridge. This event is where the clothing can be obtained. In this event, undead lumberjacks may come out of the water (note, sometimes no lumberjacks appear and trees must instead be used to repair the bridge) and will continue coming out in waves afterwards. They drop planks, which can be used to repair the bridge, but they can also occasionally drop pieces of the Lumberjack set. Only one piece can be obtained per event so killing more lumberjack waves after you get a piece of the set is pointless, except to change your overall reward for the route (Which is partially decided by the amount of creatures you killed in terms of combat level).

The fastest way to obtain the Lumberjack outfit is to take any person through Route One (the easiest route). This enables the player to skip past most combat events. In addition, the player should carry slayer rings or Kharyrll Teleport runes to teleport out of the Bog event, and possibly also the sick people event, due to the time these events take. It is even faster if players possess the morytania legs 3 or 4, which provides unlimited teleports to Burgh de Rott, allowing players to start a new trek as soon as possible.

It is possible to obtain multiple pieces of the Lumberjack outfit in one encounter. This can be done by killing multiple undead lumberjacks at once by using multi-target damaging attacks such as any of the Burst or Barrage spells from the Ancient Magicks spell book or by using any of the chinchompas. But the latter is not recommended as it's quite hard to kill multiple undead lumberjacks with just one toss. If a player manages to kill all 5 at once, he has a chance of receiving up to 5 pieces of Lumberjack outfit in one encounter, although that is very unlikely.


  • The description for the clothes reads, "You'll certainly be alright wearing these", referring to The Lumberjack Song in the British comedy sketch television show Monty Python's Flying Circus. The clothes themselves look just like those that the typical lumberjack wears. This is one of many references to Monty Python found in RuneScape.
  • When you examine lumberjack zombies, it will say “He's the one, but he's not alright” which is a reference to Monty Python’s “Lumberjack song”.
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