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[[File:Lumberjack clothing equipped.png|right|100px|A player wearing the Lumberjack outfit.]]
The '''Lumberjack outfit''' is an [[experience-boosting set|experience-boosting clothing set]] that grants additional experience when worn while [[Woodcutting]]. Equipping any piece of the outfit requires a [[Woodcutting]] level of 44. Each piece equipped respectively increases experience by 0.5% when Woodcutting; this is increased to +2.5% while wearing the entire set.
Lumberjack clothing can only be obtained from slaying [[Undead Lumberjack]]s, who can only be found in the [[Temple Trekking|Temple Trekking / Burgh de Rott Ramble]] [[minigame]]. Lumberjacks will only spawn in a particular Temple Trekking path, where the player is faced with crossing a bridge that is in a state of disrepair. In this circumstance, lumberjacks will emerge from the swamp water and must be slain in order to receive the [[planks]] needed to rebuild the bridge. Although planks are guaranteed drops, ''do NOT'' use them to repair the bridge immediately. The undead lumberjacks will continue to respawn in waves, thus allowing the player to stay on this particular path until they receive a piece of the outfit, if they so desire. It should be noted that there is a similar puzzle where the player obtains the planks from cutting down trees, rather than relying on the lumberjack's drops. Additionally, note that the player can only obtain one piece of the lumberjack outfit per event.
The fastest way to obtain the Lumberjack outfit is to take any person through Route One. This enables the player to skip past most combat events. In addition, the player should carry [[slayer ring]]s or [[Kharyrll Teleport]] runes in order to teleport out of the Bog event, and possibly also the sick traveller event, due to the time these events take. It is even faster if players possess the [[Morytania legs 3]] or [[Morytania legs 4|4]], which provides unlimited teleports to [[Burgh de Rott]], allowing players to start a new trek right away.
The Lumberjack outfit's bonus ''does'' stack with the bonus 10% experience when cutting maples from the [[Kandarin Diary]] medium reward.
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*The description for the clothes reads, "You'll certainly be alright wearing these", referring to {{wp|The Lumberjack Song|The Lumberjack Song}} in the British comedy sketch television show {{wp|Monty_Python's_Flying_Circus|Monty Python's Flying Circus}}. The clothes themselves look just like those that the typical lumberjack wears. This is one of many references to Monty Python found in RuneScape.
*When you examine lumberjack zombies, it will say “He's the one, but he's not alright” which is a reference to Monty Python’s “Lumberjack song”.
*Previously, Lumberjack boots were most commonly dropped, followed by the hats, legs, and top with increasing rarity. In addition, obtaining duplicate pieces was possible, even if players did not obtain all pieces of the outfit.
**After [[Update:Treasure Trail Expansion (2016)|an update]] on 6 July [[2016]], their drop rate was made so that they all have the same likelihood of being obtained, and are dropped in the following order: Top, legs, hat, and boots. Like other [[experience-boosting set]]s, the game will now determine whether the player already has a piece of the outfit, preventing duplicates from being obtained
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