This article is about the teleport spell. For the teleport tablet, see Lumbridge teleport.
For the spell requiring no runes, see Home Teleport.

Lumbridge Teleport teleports the caster to Lumbridge. Unlike the free Home Teleport spell, this is fast and cannot be interrupted by combat, though like most other teleports, it is unusable above level 20 Wilderness or when the player is teleblocked. Players returning to Lumbridge may save runes by using the free teleport instead, if they are not in danger.

Remember, you cannot use Ancient Magicks or Lunar Spells if you are using regular Magic.


Spell cost
1Earth rune3Air rune1Law rune186
Combo runes
1Law rune3Dust rune179
3Air rune1Law rune1Mud rune394
3Air rune1Law rune1Lava rune186
1Earth rune1Law rune3Smoke rune405
1Earth rune1Law rune3Mist rune462
1Earth rune1Law runeStaff of air171
3Air rune1Law runeStaff of earth182
1Earth rune1Law runeMist battlestaff171
1Law runeDust battlestaff167
3Air rune1Law runeMud battlestaff182
3Air rune1Law runeLava battlestaff182
1Earth rune1Law runeSmoke battlestaff171
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