Lumo chathead

Lumo is a member of the 10th Squad who is imprisoned in the jail on Ape Atoll. During the Monkey Madness I quest, the player must help him escape.

During and after Monkey Madness I, Lumo keeps track of how many times a player is caught. At times, however, he and the other jailed gnomes engage in various forms of conversation, such as jokes or sing-a-longs.

After Monkey Madness II, he is located by the exit in the Tree Gnome Stronghold that leads to the Crash Site Cavern.


  • After getting caught 100 times, Lumo will congratulate you on the ignoble feat and asks Bunkdo if he should give you a prize. You receive a stuffed monkey.
  • His name means "enchantment" or "charm" in Finnish

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