Lunar staff detail

The lunar staff is a magic weapon and piece of lunar equipment. 65 Magic is required to wield the lunar staff. The lunar staff is created during the Lunar Diplomacy quest by using a dramen staff on the air, fire, water, and earth altars (in that order), but after a player has completed the quest it must be bought from the Oneiromancer if lost.

As an enhanced dramen staff, the lunar staff can also be used to access Zanaris and use the fairy ring transport. This can be done before completing Lunar Diplomacy if the player retrieved their staff back from the Oneiromancer, or if the player made copies and gave one of them to her.

If the player loses his or her staff, they can obtain one from the Oneiromancer for 30,000 coins, provided they have a seal of passage on them. With the current death mechanics, the lunar staff is still lost on death, unlike other untradeable items. Priestess Zul-Gwenwynig also won't recover the staff if the player dies with it while fighting Zulrah.

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