Lvl-7 Enchant requires a Magic level of 93. It imbues zenyte jewellery with magical properties.


  • Note that Grand Exchange prices may vary somewhat, and you may lose or profit more
Icon Item Material Required Material Cost Profit / Loss
Zenyte ring.png Zenyte ring> Ring of suffering 20Soul20Blood1CosmicZenyte ring.png 18,442,765 70,966
Zenyte necklace.png Zenyte necklace> Necklace of anguish 20Soul20Blood1CosmicZenyte necklace.png 18,549,395 8,133
Zenyte bracelet.png Zenyte bracelet> Tormented bracelet 20Soul20Blood1CosmicZenyte bracelet.png 18,522,090 47,632
Zenyte amulet.png Zenyte amulet> Amulet of torture 20Soul20Blood1CosmicZenyte amulet.png 17,693,262 865,452

Remember, you cannot use Ancient Magicks or Lunar spells if you are using regular Magic.


Spell cost
20Blood rune.png20Soul rune.png1Cosmic rune.png10,403
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