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Magic Dart (also referred to as Slayer Dart) requires 50 Magic and 55 Slayer to cast. A Slayer's staff, its enchanted version, staff of the dead, its upgraded version or a Staff of light must be equipped in order to cast it. Magic Dart is popular among magic users when doing the Barrows minigame as it hits frequently, and the runes required to cast the spell are a common reward from the minigame.

If cast using an enchanted slayer's staff, the projectile becomes a white colour instead of green.

Maximum hit

The maximum hit of Magic Dart is , rounded down. For example, at 60 Magic the max hit would be 16. The spell hits a maximum of 19 at 90+ Magic, or 20 if boosted above 99.

If the Slayer's staff (e) is used while on task, its max hit is even higher; its new formula is , rounded down. At 99 Magic, the spell can hit a maximum of 29; with an Imbued heart boost to 108+ Magic, it can hit up to 31. Each cast consumes one charge from the Slayer's staff (e).

This spell is an effective alternative for slayer tasks prone to magic, such as Greater demons.


Spell cost
1Death rune.png4Mind rune.png215


  • This spell is currently the only combat spell in the standard spellbook not to use any elemental runes.
  • This spell is one of the few magic attacks and the only spell whose max hit increases with the player's Magic level. The others are the trident of the seas/swamp's autocast spell and the salamanders' magic attacks.