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The magic butterfly net is a piece of equipment used in the Hunter skill. To wield a magic butterfly net, the player needs at least level 17 in Hunter. The net can perform the same actions as an ordinary butterfly net, however the magic butterfly net increases the player's chances of capturing butterflies, implings, and bats[1] by about 7.8%.[2] The player needs either a butterfly jar or an impling jar to capture the respective creatures. The net is lost on death.

Players can check the total amount of implings they have caught. Note that implings caught barehanded are also tracked on this log.

In order to receive the magic butterfly net, you must trade Elnock Inquisitor the following:

All the jars can be purchased from the Grand Exchange.


  • There was a bug where if a player wielded a magic butterfly net and a skillcape, their left foot went through the cape.