This article is about a Construction material. For the quest item, see Magic stone (Tears of Guthix).
Magic stone detail

A Magic stone is used in the Construction skill to build very high level items in a Player-owned house. It is available from the Keldagrim stonemason for 975,000 coins each.

Furniture Level # of stones
Consecrated house icon Consecrated house 70 1
Ancient altar icon Ancient altar 80 1
Lunar altar icon Lunar altar 80 1
Dark altar (Construction) icon Dark altar 80 1
Lesser magic cage icon Lesser magic cage 82 2
Skeleton throne icon Skeleton throne 88 5
Greater magic cage icon Greater magic cage 89 4
Magic chest icon Magic chest 91 1
Crystal throne icon Crystal throne 95 15
Magical cape rack icon Magical cape rack 99 1
Demonic throne icon Demonic throne 99 25


  • When asking a servant to fetch materials from the bank, magic stone is listed as 'Magic housing stone'.

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