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The magic whistle is a quest item obtained from the southern room on the top floor of Draynor Manor. These can only be picked up while the player has a holy table napkin in their inventory. Two whistles spawn at once, one for the player and one which must be given to Sir Percival during the Holy Grail quest.

Blowing the magic whistle while standing in the area where all of the mysterious statues are facing (under the tower to the northwest of Brimhaven) allows players to access the Fisher Realm. Attempting to blow the whistle anywhere else will display the following message: The whistle makes no noise. It will not work in this location.

If lost after the quest, another may be collected in the same manner as during the quest by using a holy table napkin, or if the player has access to the Fairy Rings, from any of several spawns within the Fisher Realm: one on a table inside the house in the northwest, one just outside this house, and one on a table just inside the castle.

The location to blow the magic whistle.

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